Thursday, March 27, 2008


It is a good day for all Americans. Today is the celebration of one of TB&TB's many favorite athletes of all time.

Kirby Dar Dar.

He was the best Free Agent WR in the first Madden on the Playstation. He was a solid number 2, great slot WR who could return kicks and was a staple of every team we ever did a season with.

As a real player, he played for the Dolphins, Returned kicks, and only played 3 years, but he was a vital peice of alot my Madden teams of that year.

Happy K.Dar Dar Day!

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Unknown said...

This is truest statement of all time. In fact, K. Dar Dar is the greatest free agent of all time in e sports. Shout out to Derrick Conkling ranked 1893 all time in Madden (avg ranking since 2005) Trent Nile Cannon (rank 14722)