Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Go west young man, and you find Trouble!!

Last week, durring the Artic Blast 08, we saw what was was the low point so far in Mavericks basketball, with a crazy whoopin' that the streaking Houston Rockets put on the Mavs. After a couple of games against New Jersey and New York, its time to start the West Confrence Watching, to see how it will all turn out in the end. Here is the shake down as of right now, with about 18 games left.

Team Games Back
1. LA Lakers --
2. San Antonio 0.5
3. Houston 1.5
4. Utah 3.5
5. New Orleans 2.0
6. Phoenix 3.0
7. Dallas 4.0
8. Golden State5.0
9. Denver 7.5
10. Portland 11.5
11. Sacramento 16.5
12. LA Clippers 23.0
13. Seattle 29.0
14. Memphis 29.5
15. Minnesota 30.5

Here are some thoughts.

-LA isn't wont be as good in a 7 game playoff than they are right now. Unless of course Bynum can come back.

-Houston will cool off, but unlike I thought 2 weeks ago, they will make the playoffs, but will probably still be beaten in the first round.

-Devner is the only team that can sneek past one of the last few teams. Portland and Sactown are both almost completly out of it.

-Dallas and Phoenix both better get better as the season hits its final run, or the world will explode.

-Seattle, Memphis, and Minnesota are all playing the "Mike Beasley" game right now. Well, Minnesota might be playing the Derrik Rose game.

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