Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Coin flip?

As maybe the only person who dug the whole Kidd to Dallas trade, it still shockes me when I read people who agree with me. This is from an interview with David Thorpe vie a chat on ESPN.

Ryan Mckinney: Do you think the Mavs got a chance to go all the way? They have a winning record against the Spurs, Rockets, Suns and Hornets over past 5 years and Jason Kidd is doing great.

David Thorpe: I do. Almost a coin flip, as I see it, with LA.

This from a chat yesterday.

While the Mav's have gotten themselves on a nice little run against bad teams, including whooping up on the Bobcats last night, 118-93, They are still only 7-5 with Kidd, and in 7th place in the west. Can they win a title? Sure, are they a top 2 team as Thorpe calls them? Not yet. We will find out next tue, thurs and sunday, when they play LA, Boston, and the hated Spurs, respectively. They must win 2 of those games to be considered a top gun.

Talk to me Goose.