Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brown meets a real live football coach. Says nothing.

Normally, I have no problem chatting up people regardless of their fame status. After all, I'm the guy who called Kareem Abdul-Jabar Roger Murdock to his face and confused the shit out of him until he remembered he was in "Airplane".

However, I was eating dinner last night in Baton Rouge while on business, and I turn to my right only to see a small group of large gentleman in black and yellow shirts at the table next to us.

The man at the center?

Pittsburgh Steelers' coach, Mike Tomlin.

After doing a triple take, my boss wanted me to "Roger Murdock" him and introduce myself as a big fan of "House" and say I really think he was a better Willy Mays Hayes than Wesley Snipes ever could have been.

I couldn't do it for a few reasons:
1) Mike Tomlin really does look like Omar Epps, more so in person. I didn't want to be "that guy" and bring it up.

2) Mike Tomlin is a big fucking dude.

3) The Steelers scouts and coaches that were around him are big fucking dudes.

So, instead of nutting up and saying something witty about Cedrick Wilson and James Harrison or asking him if Ben Roethlisberger was mildly retarded, all I did was interrupt the conversation they were having about the Houston Texan receiving core (I shit you not), and in my meekest "Dikembe. Mr. Mutombo?" voice said "Hey Coach, big fan." and shook his hand.

This was my chance to "Roger Murdock" Mike Tomlin, and I failed.

I'm a big pussy.


grungedave said...

Weak!! The least you could have done was ask Tomlin if he was going to draft a tall WR just to piss off Hines Ward!

gerry dorsey said...

so you were afraid of these big fucking dudes, but not kareem's mad kung fu skills??