Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I didn't see my friends die face down in the muck......

Man i was so ready for last night. The LA Lakers were in town, they didn't have the Gasol, the Mav's were playing great. Everything was shaping up for this team to draw a line in the sand, and say you do not cross. But much like the man who said this in the greatest movie of all time, The Big Lebowski, the Mavs were nothing but a fucking ass hole.

That's right, I have come to think of this team as this man.

Walter Sobchak.

The man that keeps fucking shit up.

I don't understand. This was a league game, Smokey. It wasn't Shomer Shabbos. The lakers were over the line, and yet we did nothing.

Where was the fight for the first 2 1/2 quarters? Where was the Intensity?

Dirk played out of his mind trying to will the team back in it with 35 and 11. JET got hot at points and finished with 19. But it seemed the Mav's brought their pomeranian bowling as Jason Kidd's line was 7 assists, 3 rebounds, and 1 effin point.


And your the guy who takes a double clutch 3 pointer? Nice.

Don't get me wrong the Kidd trade is still a good thing in my mind, unless he keeps playing like this.

As for the Lake show? Man that creep Kobe can roll.

too bad he's a petter ass. And by petter ass I mean a guy who like to rape chicks from Colorado.

He had 29 and 7 assists. Most in then first half when they blew up the Mav's.

The Mav's can still get on point with a win in their next 2, but right now they are playing way more like a scared little team with no heart than a championship team. In the grand scheme of things, this game means very little. For all we know, she kidnapped herself dude. If this team makes the playoffs and wins (first time I have ever said IF they make it), then its no big deal. But I'm telling you, the ringer can not look empty.

And right now it does. So as the Mav's keep fucking shit up, just like Walter, I'm going to sit here and finish my coffe. When I'm done, maybe I wont care so much that LA just pee'd on my rug.


gerry dorsey said...

devin harris could have beaten the lakers. (i keed...but only sorta)

either way lebowski is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Big said...

Did you see Lue play last night? That's Harris in 8 years.