Thursday, March 6, 2008

Teenagers are the bane of society

Read this story from Phoenix...

Teen Killed Dad for Banning MySpace

Shocking, huh?

I'm really not sure what bothers me most about this story.

-Is it the obvious notion of a child killing their parent because of restricted access to MySpace?

-Is it the fact that said child was, indeed, considering suicidal thoughts and this was some kind of subconscious acting out of those against others?

-Is it the fact that the parent left a shotgun and ammunition sitting on a counter in the garage?

-Is it the hard to believe fact that this kid has female friends and she, of all people, was able to "talk him out of it"?

-Or the line: "Me and my dad would go squirrel hunting. Apparently he trusts me with a rifle"

I just don't get it. When I was 15, I got upset over things like not being able to acurately determine if it was a boob or an elbow on squiggly porn. How in the hell does one get so upset over something as trivially retarded as MySpace to kill their parents?

Really, it's times like these I wish some parents took the Chris Benoit approach to parenting.

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