Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl Week JO

Whats the best part of the Superbowl? The purest might say its the game, but that usually sucks. The casual fan will say its the party, but that beats us down since I don't think me, nor brown has really watched a Superbowl in like 7 years because of the party. The non sports fan will go with the commercials, but to be honest, we can see all of the "good ones" the next day online. So what truly is the best part of a Superbowl? Well unless you are the lucky few who really root for one of the teams, the best part might be gambling. I'm not talking under over or point spreads. No no no. Only the mexican hippie, and other compulsive people care about that stuff.

I'm talking about the greatness of prop bets. Two of the more prominent sports betting sites bogdog, and BetUS, have come up with some great ones.

We will start with the Game Presentation.

How Many Times will Joe Buck mention Peyton Manning's name during the Broadcast?
Over 5.5 (-125)
Under 5.5 (-115)

How many times will Archie Manning be shown on the TV Broadcast?
Over 4.5 (-150)
Under 4.5 (+110)

Will the entire Fox pre-game team pick the Patriots to win the Super Bowl?
Yes -180
No +140

Give me over 5.5, under 4.5 and no.

Things having to do with the game/post game.

Who will the MVP of the Game thank first?

Teammates, 2:1
God, 5:2
Family, 2:1
Coach, 5:1
Doesn't thank anyone, 6:1

I'm going with God.

Colour of liquid winning Head Coach is doused in

Transparent +400
Green +500
Yellow +300
Orange +125
Red +300
Blue +1000
Purple +1600

I'm going with a slight underdog here, and saying blue.

Now my two fav's, having to do with the entertainment.

How long will it take Jordin Sparks to sing the National anthem?

Over 1m42s (-115)
Under 1m 42s (-115)

This one is free money. There is no WAY she does it in under 1m 42sec.

Tom Petty Props

Tom Petty...
smokes a joint during half time show +2500
has a wardrobe malfunction +10000
streaks field during play +50000
will smash a guitar onstage +5000
will curse during performance +8000

One question, how is smoking a joint the fav here? I would think he has a better chance at cursing, but that just me.

So there is some fun bets. Have a good hump day.

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