Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Week JO

All right I know its already Tuesday, but this week, I am going to bring you some of the crazy shit that goes down during the most over hyped week of the year, Superbowl week.

Today I bring you a blast from the past. Don't you remember a time where you could wake up on a Saturday morning, turn on your TV, fiddle with your NES for awhile, and just see if you can make one play last an entire half? Of course I'm talking about tecmo super bowl. The greatest football game ever made. It was simple, yet it was complex. It was the wave of the future, yet somehow had an old school vibe. Well of all the crazyness that comes with Superbowl week, I would like to introduce you to a site that dedicated to the old school tecmo feel, armchairgm.com

These guys have done what I thought couldn't be done. They have "updated" their rosters on 1991's Tecmo Super Bowl, to the current day rosters. No more Phill Sims, now its Eli Manning. And they didn't just change the names, no no, that would be too easy. They changed all the attributes as well. FANTASTIC. This is straight from their site, and straight from their simulator. Enjoy the Super (tecmo) Bowl.

First Half

2nd Half

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