Friday, January 11, 2008

No Meat = Crazy Funny

The name Big, just to enlighten you, isn't a clever name. It has no deep meaning, or a metaphor for something, I'm just a big dude. I like things like chicken fried steak, brats, and cheese. That said I have no idea why anyone would ever go vegetarian. I have had people tell me that if I cut out all the meat and dairy in my diet, I would lose 100 pounds. That may be true, but, steak taste good. I normally don't agree with what PETA does, or more importantly what people do in the name of PETA. But this is great.

The big hot topic the last couple of weeks has been Rodger Clemens and his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. A big wig over at PETA Dan Shannon has written a letter to Rodger saying he should become a Vegan so he won't have any toxins at all in his system. This is funny.

A few of my fav quotes.

"On behalf of PETA, I'm writing to offer a suggestion that may help you fend off all the critics that are descending on you like a pack of Cubs fans going after a vendor's last beer"

" (We wouldn't be surprised to see Brian McNamee get hired by KFC to inject "flax-seed oil" into all the companies' chickens.) "

"Carl Lewis (named "Olympian of the Century" by S.I.) says the best year of his track career was when he went vegan, and Salim Stoudamire of the Atlanta Hawks says his game has gotten a huge boost since he cut meat, eggs, and dairy products out of his diet. Star Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig is also vegan; perhaps he could give you some nutrition tips so that you'll be ready for your next encounter with Mike Piazza"

"Citizens Bank Park has the best vegetarian food of any ballpark"

So let me get this straight, the best 3 athletes that have ever gone veg is Carl Lewis(FANTASTIC) Salim Staudamire (really, that's your number 2), and Mac Danzig (i watch MMA only casually, but I don't know who this guy is)?

Good Stuff PETA, you crazy bastards.

Hat Tip to Fanhouse

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