Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a look....fart 5

Teams 1-6 and Teams 7-10. , teams 11-14. and teams 15-18 A look at the NFL, from the draft point of view, in the draft order.

19. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

Good: This team was top ten in three of the major offensive categories, Rush yards (8th), Pass yards (10th), and total yards (6th). Brain Westbrooke is the best player in game not named LDT. He rushed for over 1300 yards, caught 90 passes for 700 yards, scored 12 TD's, and gained on average 5.7 yards per touch. Trent Cole for the def had 12 sacs, that's not too shabby.

Bad: A lot of people are going to put Donnovan McNabb in the "bad" area, but I think as the year went on, he got more and more healthy, and really started playing better. The problem might not be him, it might be whats around him. The one year he had a big play WR, they went to the SuperBowl. Kevin Curtis put up nice numbers, but he isn't a game changer. You take that lack of a WR threat, and add it to the fact the eagles QB got sacked 49 times, and its crazy to think D-Mac still almost had a 90 QB rating.

Prediction: McNabb has already said, hey go get me some help. So that's what they need to go after. If the rumors are true Roy Williams wants out of Det, this would be spot number 1 if I was him. They could use help on the DEF as well though, don't rule out a new LB or two in training camp.

Draft: If, and that a big if, DeSean Jackson WR Cal, falls to them, he is the perfect fit for the long haul here, but don't be surprised if they don't think long hall. They may need to win now as their super bowl window is closing. And if that's the way they look at things, then they will go BPA def. Guys like Calais Campbell DE Miami, Quentin Groves DE Auburn, Dan Connor LB Penn St., or Reggie Smith DB Oklahoma, should be some options there.

20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7

Good: First they made the Playoffs. That's a good thing. Next, I don't know what they did, but they rekindled some of the years from the past magic and had the number 1 rated def against the pass this year, and number 2 in total yards against, and number 3 in points scored against. One more good thing, despite rocking the whole year with Earnest "Pajama" Graham as their main RB, they still averaged 111 yards a game. That's good enough for 11th if your keeping track at home.

Bad: On offense, they have one explosive player, and he's like 58 years old. Joe Galloway. While they were real good on Def this year, they still only had 33 sacks as a team. They can do better than that.

Prediction: I think they are going to bank on a Teddy Graham, Cadillac combo in the backfield next year. I think they are going to bring back the workman like Jeff Garcia, who won't lose you many games, but won't win you many either. They are going to have to ask how much longer Derrick Brooks, and Ronde Barber are going to be playing. They need to start looking for these guys replacements.

Draft: They need to get more pressure on the QB, but they think they have their next great d linemen in Gaines Adams, so they probable won't go DE, but a corner, linebacker, and safety could all use help. If certain people fall, don't be surprised to see them take a OT, playmaker WR, or even a QB here to help that O. DeSean Jackson WR Cal, Sam Baker OT USC, Mario Manningham WR Michigan, or a slew of Def players.

Two mo' fo' ya' ta' chew on.

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