Thursday, January 10, 2008

I really should be a GM.

Sorry for the lack of posts from the big guy, works been busy for me, but no body gives a shit about that. I'm still working on the NFL recap of teams, but I when I get tiered of football and need a little sports break, its off to basketball.

I know Brown is the NBA guy for the most part, but I can't help myself when I start playing with the NBA Trade machine. I have now come up with 3 fantastic trades that need to happen right now. The first one would make the most noise around the league, the next a Dallas trade that I have been sitting on for a few weeks, when I was panicking that Dallas wouldn't even make the playoffs. I would still do the trade today, but its not as big a deal as it was a month ago. The third trade was due to rumors that that guy is on the block.

Mega Trade of the Year!

Three team trade. Between Indiana, New Jersey, and Houston.

Indiana - Gets Tracy McGrady, SG/SF
New Jersey - Gets Jermain O'Neil PF
Houston - Gets Jason Kidd PG.

Why would they make these trades?

Indiana gets rid of its sulking, overpaid star, and gets a top 3 playmaker. There is a lot of talk about McGrady not being able to lead teams, but I just think he is in a system that isn't a fit for him. Yao is the best center in the game right now, and McGrady isn't an in and out player. He needs the ball in his hands. That's what he would get in Indiana. Danny Granger is probably the best player in the league right now that you haven't heard of, and he can take that 4 spot very easily. They would play Dunleavy and T-Mac at the 2/3 spots, and have Jamaal Tinsley at the point.

New Jersey trades away one of the best point guards ever to play the game, but they get some the one thing that has held them back for the past 3 year, inside presence. Carter and Jefferson could both really benefit from having someone inside that is a threat to score, and a much better rebounder than anyone else on their squad. Move rookie Sean Williams to center for his defense, and then you would have Magloire, and Kristic coming off the bench, and you have the start of something. This would open their window a few more years with the moving of Kidd as well.

Houston gets the best part of this deal, and yet they give up the most. If the absence of T-Mac, H-Town has played pretty well because they know they don't have get him the shots. Yao has been what everyone hoped he would be. Now with Kidd running the point, this team jumps to a top 5 team in the league. The old Bonzi Wells and Steve Francis can help Luther Head at the 2 spot, and the team would have Mike James and Rafer Alston coming off the bench to give Kidd some rest. If that's too much bench, they then have the ability to trade James or Alston.

Trade to Fix Dallas and LA

Granted, I made up this trade a few weeks ago when the mavs were not doing so well, but I would still do this trade. The only real problem i have with it is it makes the Lakers a better team, and they are in the west. Again, this is a 3 team trade.

Dallas - Gets Ron Artest SG
LA Lakers - Gets Jason Terry PG Dallas, Justin Williams C Sacramento.
Sacramento - Gets Kwame Brown PF LA, Jordar Farmar PG LA, LA's First Round Pick 2008.

We are going to start with Dallas. What are the biggest problems that Dallas faces in their quest to win a tittle? Can't stop athletic teams who run and jump like crazy, don't have that "swagger" that puts fear into other teams, and can't really defend against a really good slasher like D-wade, Manu, or T-Mac. I know that Ron Artest is crazy, but he solves all of these problems. He is probably a top 3 defender in the league, he is gansta as hell, and he is at his best when going up against people that want to take it to the hole. Jason Terry is one hell of a player, but he is a classic tweener 1/2. He is too small and doesn't play good defense against decent 2's, and he is too shoot first to play the point full time. Tell me you wouldn't be scared of this starting five. Devin Harris, Ron Artest, Josh Howard, Dirk, and Damp. With Diop, Stackhouse, and Eddie Jones coming off the bench?

Now to LA. After all I said about Terry and how he isn't a great point guard, why would the Lakers want him? Truth is, the JET is best when he can roam around the outside and just hit three's and open looks. That is perfect point for the Mamba. Kobe gets another pretty solid player to go along side him, yet not a super star that's going to take away from his popularity. Terry, Kobe, Odam, Bynum, and Turriaf/Mihm with Luke Walton and Derek Fisher off the bench? Damn.

And lastly lets look at what the sad sac kings. They are getting the two magic things all teams with no shot at the playoffs want, Young guys, and Cap Space. Kwame Brown has an expiring contract of 9 mill this season. Kevin Martin is only 24 and looked like the real deal before he got hurt, John Salmons is only 28 and is playing fantastic right now, you pair these two things with the money they would save next year, 2 first round pics (one in the lottery) in a year that will be a FANTASTIC draft, and a young point guard with promise, now your rebuilding looks good. If only they could trade Brad Miller and Mike Bibby. hmmmmmm

Trade to complete the flushing of the Kings

Because of the Farmar deal in with LA, the Kings then have the ability to trade another ageing superstar to a team that wants to get to the finials now.

Denver - Gets Mike Bibby PG
Sacramento - Gets Nene Hilario PF, Eduardo Najerra SF/PF

If I was Denver, I would make this trade in a heart beat, for the reason that I know, with the key players of my team, not named Carmelo, my window for a championship is very small. AI is 32, Camby is 33, and Kenyon Martin is 30. By adding Mike Bibby to this squad you have pretty much said, during any given game, one of our starting 5 is better than his counter part on your team. Any team. Except maybe San Antonio.

Sacramento get more cap relief with Najerra expiring 5 mill deal, and they get a 25 year old PF in Nene. Now look at the Kings future, Udrich/Farmar at point, Salmons and Martin at the 2/3, Nene at power forward, and Brad Miller (for now) at Center. Not a team that puts fear in the hearts of teams right now, but you also have to look the fact they will have 2 #1's this year, one of which being a top 5, PLUS they would be under the cap by around 2-4 mill next year, with another 9-12 mill coming off after next season. How does a 2 year older Farmar, 27 year old K. Martin at the 2, Mike Beasley coming off a ROY at the 3, 27 year old Nene and someone other than Brad Miller at center sound for the 2009-1010 season? PLUS they would have around 15 mill in cap space to throw at some people during that off season. PLUS if they draft well, a nice role player/bench guy coming in with LA's first rounder this year. Not so bad.

I love this stuff. Of course none of this will happen because teams are so scared that they will become the next New York Knicks and make trades that cripple the franchise for years to come.


grungedave said...

Jason and Joumanna Kidd would not last 15 minutes in Houston...

too many strip clubs.

Anonymous said...

Who's going to run the point in NJ? There's no use in getting JO if you can't get him the ball.

Nene's going under the knife this week. No one's going to touch him now.