Tuesday, January 8, 2008

and this weeks games will be great!

Man, after waiting around 2 months for the first round of the college football tournament to be over, we are finally here! Round 2! We have whittled down the pretenders from the contenders! From 12 to 6! This weekend is going to be great.
In are USC, who looked about as unstoppable as we all thought they were at the start of the season, Georgia, who knocked out the only undefeated team this year, West Virginia, who had the hardest opponent and might be the upset of the week, Kansas, who proved they belong, LSU, who knocked out the other Big 10 team still in this thing, and Missouri, their win coupled with Florida's loss filled in the wild card slot so well.

So now we get to look forward to these games this weekend.

Top 2 seeds get a bye; LSU, Georgia. (I know, 2 SEC teams shouldn't be 1 and 2, but hey, I'm not running this thing, its the BCS and I totally trust them!)

Missouri (3)
West Virgina (6)


USC (4)
Kansas (5)

What a fantastic weekend this will be! Picture it, Saturday starting at noon. We get to see Chase Daniels and Tony Temple, fresh off just putting it on the Arkansas Razorbacks in the cotton bowl, take on Pat White, Noel Devine, and Steve Slaton(not bound for the NFL) on a neutral field in America's wang, Florida!

Then at 3:15 or so, we get to watch what has to be one of the feel good story's of the year, Kansas kept the magic alive last week with there big win over Frank Beamer and his Va Tech team. So Kansas beat Va Tech, and LSU beat Va Tech, could these two programs be on a collision course? Kansas will have to first get by the most talented team in the country, the Hated men of troy, USC. Jon David Booty struggled through injury all season long but had now found a way to lead his team last week with a win over an outmatched Illinois team. Can Joe McKnight run all over this "bend but don't break" Kansas defense? Is he the gay love child of 2 NKOTB members Joe McIntyre and Jordan night? Find out Saturday at 3!

THEN on Saturday we get to watch what all those athletes hope to play for, NFL football! The Packers and Seahawks take the field on a special Saturday night Football, Playoff style! Hope you have the NFL network, because that's where the game is. Its like the NFL is saying, what will you do for football? Will you get a new cable provider? Will you listen to the worst ever play by play guy with no alternatives, unless you wanna buy the satellite radio station that we endorse? Yes, Yes I will.

and THAT'S JUST SATURDAY! Sunday we have another triple dose of football. CBS starts it off with a grudge match between the Colts of Indy, and Saint Diego's Chargers. Don't get lost in switch, because you then get the great Dallas Cowboys, as they try to win their first playoff game in 10 years, face the New York football Giants! Sure the Cowboys beat the Giants twice already, but Eli is playing well now, and Tony Romo just went to Mexico! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Think you've had your fill, well then then your not ready for whats about to hit you. Can you say prime time football? Can you say John Madden and Al Michaels? Can you say undefeated New England Patriots vs. the workmen like Jacksonville Jaguars? Ohh boy, my head is about to explode! If I could somehow find a hooker for this weekend, this will be the best weekend ever!

College football doesn't have anymore games.........?
That rout last night was it........?
And this weekend I just described wont make money.........?
At least the writers strike is over and we won't have to watch American Idol this year........

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gerry dorsey said...

you stole my thunder. i was going to do pretty much the exact same thing, except i was going to seed differently. i feel that lsu has eared the #1 seed, and i feel that right now usc and uga are pretty equal, however i was going to give usc the #2 seed based on winning their conference.