Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Allright, I'll give you my chips and half a sandwhich for your snack pack.

I'm a big video game fan. I'll wait for that to sink in. Now that you have gathered yourself from the shocking news that me, an out of shape, wrestling loving, single guy in his mid 20's likes video games, I'll move on. One of the coolest things to come with sports video games over the last 8 years in the Dynasty mode. It allows you to try and rebuild your favorite teams, sim games, and kinda see how you would fair as a GM. I know me winning 7 straight Superbowl's with my teams doesn't make me the best GM not to have a job, but its still fun to try and rock some trades.

All that tirade aside, over the last week or so, there have been several trade rumors pop up for my teams here in my fair berg, Dallas. Lets start with the most recent.

Brown alluded to it today, Jason Kidd isn't happy in New Jersey. Every year since I have been in Dallas, at some point during the season there is a Jason Kidd back to Dallas trade rumor. The NBA has a lot different things to look at when you talk trade, mainly is the salary's. Here is the two trades that involve the Mavs that have been floated out there.

Jason Kidd
New Jersey
PG Jason Terry, SG Jerry Stackhouse, C DeSagana Diop

Bad trade. Dallas would be giving up 3 players that make a big difference in their line up, for a mid 30's PG who has maybe 2 years of bad ass b-ball left. New Jersey is getting a shoot first point who is 30, a bench scorer, and an up and down center. Neither team really wins here. The only way Dallas should do this is if they really feel they can win the west with this team, which I don't think they can with no center depth, no legit starting 2, and even WORSE shooting with their starting five. The only good thing with this trade is you get to keep Devin Harris and bring him off the bench as an energy guy.

Here is Kidd trade number 2. It involves Kidd to Dallas, and Harris to Portland, and them some spares to NJ. I can't seem to find a way to make it work out with the trade machine, but its out there.

This is one that is better for the Mavs. They give up a potential star PG for a legit superstar PG. They give up a guy who could be great over the next 7-10 years, for a guy who IS greatness for the next 2. The biggest problem is that you are give a very young, very talented team in Portland another puzzle piece, that could come back to haunt you for the next 10 years.


Now we move on to some Cowboy love.

There are 2 trade that are floating out there that we should address. One is a no brainer, the other one that will make you think. First the no brainer.

The Detroit Lions are scared that they have too many WR's (quit drafting them in the first round jack ass), so then WR Roy Williams won't resign with them after next year. So he is on the trading block, and supposedly all they want is a 2nd round draft pick for him.

For the life of me, I can't find a team that is in the NFL that wouldn't make that deal. I'm not saying that Roy is Randy Moss or anything, but he is a great WR that is young, and could become great. If I were running the Cowboys, I wouldn't get off the phone until that dofus of a GM in Detroit said yes to trading us Roy. Hell I would even give them one of the Boys #1.

The second trade is one with a little more tilt in it. Here is the trade

#1 overall pick (D-Mac)
#22, #28 and Marion Barber

First off, this is a HUGE jump for the Cowboys. I don't know if this trade wouldn't even include next years 1 from Dallas, but for right now lets take it as is.

With that #1 pick you would have to take McFadden. So if you think McFadden is one of those game changers, then make the deal. If you don't (I don't) then you can't give up a possible 3 starters for one average guy, then its not a great deal.

So there is some trade rumors, stick it up.

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gerry dorsey said...

that mcfadden deal is brutal. i say if you want to shake up the rb position you're better off keeping barber and drafting a rb later as a supplement to him.